Government of India National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) Department of Health & Family Welfare
National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) - Government of India

Air Pollution Data from CPCB

 City Name   AQI Value 
Delhi 192
Ghaziabad 154
Gurugram 222
Noida 166

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Institutional Committees


The various committees constituted under NCDC are as follows:


1 Departmental Promotion / Review Committee

2 House Allotment & Estate Committee

3 Library Committee

4 Purchase Committee (Material Supply)-I

5 Purchase Committee (Stationery) -II

6 Building Maintenance & Development Committee

7 Condemnation Board

8 Technical Specification Committee

9 Equipment Maintenance Committee

10 Goods Receiving Committee

11 Technical Evaluation Committee

12 Parliament Committee

13 Sexual Harassment Committee

14 NCDC Web Committee

15 Security Committee

16 Scientific Committee of NCDC

17 BID Evaluation Committee

18 Vehicle Expenditure Monitoring Committee

19 Biomedical Waste Management Committee