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Inter-Sectoral coordination for Prevention and Control of Zoonotic Diseases



Major public health zoonotic disease in India are Rabies, Brucellosis, Toxoplasmosis, Cysticercosis, Echinococcosis, JE, Plague, Leptospirosis, Scrub typus, Nipah, Trypanosomiasis, CCHF and KFD. Around 75% of emerging and re-emerging infections are zoonotic. New pathogens (viruses) continue to emerge and spread across countries.  For effective prevention and control of zoonotic diseases there is requirement of muti-sectoral integrated response among medical, veterinary and other related departments.  This has been adopted on “need basis “for prevention of zoonosis in the country.  Under XII plan a programme for strengthening mechanism of Inter-sectoral Coordination for Prevention and Control of Zoonotic Diseases has been approved and is being implemented.


The strategy includes strengthening of inter-sectoral co-ordination utilizing existing surveillance system of IDSP for collection and collation of animal disease data for setting up early warning signals, strengthening of SSU under IDSP, trained manpower development, sensitization of professionals in various sectors and IEC to create awareness among community and professionals. It is expected that continuous collaboration will be set up which will help in outbreak investigations and response and prevention and control of zoonosis.