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Programe for Prevention and Control of leptospirosis



Background: Leptospirosis is significant public health problem in India and the outbreaks of Leptospirosis are increasingly being reported from States such as Kerala, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu Maharashtra and Karnataka. Leptospirosis is also being reported from non-endemic states wherever facility for diagnosis of such cases exists. Early case detection, accurate diagnosis, appropriate and timely treatment reduces the morbidity and mortality due to the disease.


To address the rising burden of the disease the Gov.t of India initially launched a Pilot project on Prevention and Control of Leptospirosis as a “New Initiative” under XI Five Year Plan. Following the success of the pilot project, the Govt. of India then launched the Programme for Prevention and Control of Leptospirosis (PPCL) during 12th Five year plan in the endemic states viz. Gujarat, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka and UT of Andaman &Nicobar Islands. National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has been designated as the nodal agency for implementation of Programme. 


The objective of the programme is to reduce the morbidity and mortality due to leptospirosis in Humans.


The strategies of Programme for Prevention and Control of Leptospirosis includes-

  1. Development of trained manpower
  2. Strengthening the surveillance of Leptospirosis in humans.
  3. Strengthen diagnostic laboratory in programme states
  4. Create awareness regarding timely detection and appropriate treatment of patients
  5. Advocacy for strengthening of patient management facilities in programme states
  6. Strengthening Inter-Sectoral Coordination at state and district level for outbreak detection, prevention and control of leptospirosis.


Activities undertaken by NCDC in 2018-19:


  • Monitoring and review - Review meeting of State Nodal officers of programme states & SSOs of Flood affected states held on 28th Sept 2018 at NCDC Delhi. States were asked to strengthened the activities under programme including leptospirosis surveillance, improving case management facility for patients and expediting the financial expenditure under the programme. State of Kerala, Gujarat & UT of Andman & Nikobar have submitted the activity report, action plan and fund utilization.
  • Surveillance-Regular surveillance of presumptive and lab. confirmed cases of leptospirosis is undertaken though IDSP and monitored under the programme.
  • Technical Support to states - Advisory was issued in July 2018 under the programme from Director NCDC to all flood affected states on preventive and control measures to be undertaken for Leptospirosis. Visit to Mumbai Maharashtra& Karnataka in Aug &sept2018 for review leptospirosis control activities.
  • IEC activities-IEC material (Radio spots and Radio Jingle) under Programme for prevention and control of Leptospirosis (PPCL) was prepared through NFDC.
  • Intersectoral coordination - Follow up is being done with states to constitute and operationalize state and district level zoonotic committees for One health for prevention and control of zoonotic diseases including leptospirosis.
  • Financial support to states- Approval from Ministry and IFD for fund transfer amounting to 52 lakh to states ( Kerala & Gujarat ) obtained however the fund transfer could not completed in FY 2018-19

Impact of the Program :-

Although the programme is still in its nascent stage but it has been able to sensitize the state Governments about the significant public health impact of the disease. The surveillance of the disease has been strengthened and cases and outbreak are regularly reported through IDSP portal.


Deliberation of National Review Meeting for Leptospirosis